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City Cleaning is one of the leading operators in the cleaning industry all over Russia. For nearly 10 years, we offer a wide range of services in cleaning of premises, shopping centers, offices and fitness clubs. In addition, the company's specialists perform:
  • facades and windows cleaning;
  • regular and full-scale cleaning;
  • premises cleaning after renovations;

  • High level of cleaning services has been confirmed by hundreds of customers, including unitary and state-owned enterprises, such as Sberbank, Rosatom, Moscow Metro, as well as all kinds of enterprises of Moscow Department of Education and various Russian commercial firms.
    Today company is considered one of the industry leaders. Representing a new generation of cleaning companies, City Cleaning is constantly improving technologies, and using the latest chemicals and materials, innovative technologies and modern equipment. The basis of our work lies with the individual approach to each client, despite the volume and complexity of the work
    You can ask any question that you have or make an order by phone +7 (495) 212-19-38


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    Dear visitor of our site!

    In 2006, we founded the City Cleaning — a new generation cleaning company: a modern, professional and beneficial for any client. Since then, we use these words as a slogan, which we follow in our work for over eight years.

    During all these years the City Cleaning has been improving technologies, exploring the latest materials, chemicals, mastering sophisticated modern professional equipment and tools.

    Our employees are trained in accordance with the spirit of times and advanced technologies.

    We are able not only to clean but also properly make any deal, whether it will be a request, quotes or open electronic auction. Our lawyers advise our clients free of charge on any matter and quickly prepare any needed documents.

    I am grateful to all our customers and suppliers for the cooperation. Thank you for your cooperation and trust!

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    In the online calculator for cleaning services you must take into account the complexity of the work. For example, I need the cost of window cleaning at a height of 12 meters. My house is located outside of Moscow, in the suburb. I need a washing of not only windows, but also of stained-glass windows. Can you do it also?

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    Russia, 123100, Moscow,
    Taras Shevchenko embankment, 23 A. «Moscow City Tower 2000″.

    tel .: +7 (495) 212-1938, 928-1960
    email: citicleaning@gmail.com

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