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Snow removal

Snow and ice accumulated over the winter become quite an important issue. This not only make it difficult to move on the roadway and sidewalks, but also represent a risk of injury. City Cleaning is ready to offer its services for snow and ice removal. We have the equipment that is neccessary for performing of this kind of work.

Collection of snow can be carried out mechanically and manually, but the loading occurs with special equipment (backhoe loader). In general, removal is carried out by dump trucks with large enough capacities (up to 11 cubic meters). Removed snow is transported to special melting stations in Moscow. It enters the chamber and becomes a subject to a primary waste filtering from side garbage, which will be sent later to special landfills for disposal. Melted snow is also filtered and only then enters the sewage.

Contacting City Cleaning you can be sure that the cleaning crew will arrive in time. Work will be carried out as soon as possible. We are always ready for long-term cooperation.

The price for our services may be different because it depends on several factors. For each particular case, you can get all the necessary information from consultants by phone or via e-mail


Dry cleaning of carpets

After some time spots and dirt can apprear on the carpet, with which the conventional vacuum cleaner can not cope. Therefore, you must periodically clean the carpet using special equipment and chemicals.

City Cleaning offer the following services:

  • Daily cleaning of carpets at home with the use of vertical brush cleaner, without chemicals.
  • Dry cleaning using powder. The carpet can be used immediately after the completion of works.
  • Wet cleaning of carpets at home includes:
    • Removal of local spots using stain remover;
    • Foam cleaning of the carpet at home using a rotary machine;
    • Removal of burn-through traces by carpet reconstructing;
    • Pile lifting by vacuum cleaner.

Wet carpet cleaning should be carried out regularly, as the dust, located into the base of piles, creates a favorable environment for the emergence of mildew and parasites.
City Cleaning in each case has different approach to customers: the employee determines the structure of the coating and the material from which it is made, the nature of existing pollution, the presence of stains and in accordance with that selects the desired program and cleaning detergents. To preserve the initial cleanness antistatic coating is applied!

CARPET CLEANING (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m.  up to 600 sq.m  over 600 sq.m 
250 RUB  225 RUB 200 RUB
up to 300 sq.m.  up to 600 sq.m.  over 600 sq.m. 
 220 RUB 150 RUB 120 RUB

Marble grinding and polishing

Marble — is a very fragile material that requires special care. Unprofessional cleaning — is the risk of «ruining» of the material, and the subsequent need to replace the floor completely.
The use of abrasive tools may cause scratches on the surface which will be clogged with dirt, that will destroy the integrity of the material. City Cleaning provides basic types of work marble care:

  • Grinding. It is performed by special grind abrasives, by which chips and scratches are eliminated from the floor surface.
  • Polishing with fine diamond abrasives, followed by applying a special tool gives shine to the marble surface.
  • Crystallization, ie thermochemical treatment of stone by composition containing acids. After this procedure, small cracks and scratches on the surface disappear, and stone structure becomes smoother.

In addition, we offer services for maintenance and care of marble coverings and goods made of marble.


Granite grinding and polishing

Natural materials today become more and more popular. This is understandable, as all ot them have a more representative view but it needs proper care to keep it as such.

First example is granite, which, despite its excellent properties and excellent resistance to mechanical stress, sooner or later begins to fade. It is worth noting that over time, the outer surface of the stone begins to cover with a network of small cracks and microcracks. The main materials that destroy the stone are natural abrasives (sand, water etc.). If we do nothing and do not care about granite, its appearance will become very different from the initial.

Today CITY Cleaning offers its customers a granite grinding and polishing  using the latest technologies with modern materials and equipment. Each step of restoring the appearance of granite has its own characteristics:

  • Grinding. At this stage it is machining with special abrasives. After that the stone has a tangible roughness, but it is perfectly smooth. Depth of the grinding layer can be determined only by professionals who have experience with this material.
  • Polishing. There are special tools that do not adversely affect the structure of the material. When the process is finished, the surface shine again with new vigor.

We appreciate the time and comfort of our customers. Visit us and see that the City Cleaning — is a professional with a capital C!


Cleaning of hard floors

It’s a well-known fact that in areas with high traffic, as well as in apartments, floors have the greatest wear during the entire period of operation. Such effects can be diverse — it may be chemical and physical factors. Naturally, the type of damage and speed of its emergence depends on the material of the flooring. While after a few weeks, the new linoleum will start to have random scratches and scuffs, as a result of difference in material durability, artificial stone will get them only after a few months. All of this is a consequence of not only of accidental circumstances but also of improper cleaning of floors and that leads to their damaging, so this type of work is better entrusted exclusively to the professionals. These are the people who work in City Cleaning and are always ready to help you.

Any material of your floor covering,  absorb a variety of dirt and odors, which affects not only on the appearance, but also on the structure of the material. Our company has a wide range of various detergents and equipment, which will give your floors a former shine and they will be protected from weather and mechanical effects.

The work is divided into several stages, the compliance with which allows you to get a great result:

  • Removal of the main dirt accumulated on the main floor covering by a special vacuum cleaner or static mop.
  • Applying of the detergent.
  • After that, the company’s specialists carry out cleaning of hard floors with the use of specialized cleaning products and equipment.
  • In remote places (corners, joints etc.) cleaning is done manually, to achieve maximum effect.
  • Then comes in a professional wet vacuuming, which allows to remove the waste from the previous operations.

The final stage is the application of a protective polymer or wax coating in multiple layers!

CLEANING (linoleum, PVC, marble, tile, porcelain tile, granite) (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m. up to 600 sq.m.. over 600 sq.m.
100 RUB 90 RUB 80 RUB
Application of protective polymer coatings (linoleum, PVC, marble, cork, ceramic, polished granite) (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m. up to 600 sq.m.. over 600 sq.m.
70 RUB 65 RUB 60 RUB

Upholstery cleaning

Today it is difficult to imagine the reception office or apartment without upholstered furniture, which is designed to create comfort and a special atmosphere and image. Unfortunately, furniture gets polluted, accumulates dust, which may adversely affect the appearance of the objects, and the health of those who use them. Cleaning CITY will solve the problem quickly and easily. Company professionals will clean home furniture using professional vacuum cleaners and chemicals which can remove any pollution and stain, and wont affect neither family members nor pets.

Dry Cleaning is carried out taking into account the features of the product, the nature of pollution and its age. Employees will not spoil things by unsuitable chemicals or improper handling. We track the emergence of new cleaning methods and use them. Work carried out in strict accordance with the technological requirements. Every detail is taken into account: from the temperature to the selection of cleaning products.

Specialists clean furniture at home, not exporting it out of the apartment, at a convenient time for the customer, thus cleaning of the sofa does not take much time and does not require additional financial costs.

Dry cleaning of the furniture  at home by our specialists consists of the following stages:

  • Upholstery cleaning and vacuum cleaning, with special nozzles.
  • Elimination of spots and stains from the upholstery (especially carefully cleaning of the leather furniture).
  • Deep cleaning of the upholstery, the purpose of which is to remove odors.
  • Polishing of wooden surfaces.
  • Chemicals removal, upholstery washing and drying .

Specialized equipment is used to dry the lower cushions. In addition to this special technology used for upholstery cleaning with teflon coating that has stain-resistant properties. Each villus is covered with a molecular net, which is breathable, but does not absorb moisture and dirt.

When cleaning sofas and armchairs extractors and steam generators are used, and we clean tight spaces manually.

We use complex approach:

  • We use a professional stain removers.
  • To eliminate odor we apply deodorizing.
  • To restore the color of the upholstery we use a special shampoo with a special chemical composition.

Shop windows washing by City Cleaning experts

Shop reputation depends also on housekeeping of trading places. City Cleaning provides a wide range of cleaning services, including shop windows washing.

If you want to forget about the problems of any stains on glass surfaces, ask for help from our experts.

  • In order to achieve the cleanness we use only the modern equipment and professional cleaning agents.
  • Windows cleaning on your own can provide short-term results. Experienced employees of our company will impose order in your trading areas. Surfaces will remain shiny and clean for a long time.
  • The belief that washing of shop windows is seasonal is wrong. City Cleaning can clean glass surfaces even in the winter season. With the help of specialized equipment, we provide frames cleaning. Thanks to the technology of using steam under pressure, we are capable of getting rid of pollution of any complexity.
  • For windows washing experts select appropriate cleaning agents.

The cost of our services

Price is made up of several parameters: employees wages, the cost of consumables and detergents, the company’s profit. You can check our quotations on shop windows washing in the «Prices» section of our site. Use our calculator to quickly calculate the amount that will be needed to pay for the services of shop windows cleaning.

Cleanness — is a formula of successive shop image

Appearance of salesrooms affects the perception of the products offered by the client. If you have time to carry out shop windows washing, and they look perfect, visitors feel good. This, in turn, causes more confidence.

Become our client! We will be agree in advance the working schedule and the frequency of work. City Cleaning — the cleanness from the professionals!

SHOP WINDOWS WASHING (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 200 sq.m. up to 1500 sq.m. over 1500 sq.m.
55 RUB 50 RUB  45 RUB

Professional windows washing

Clean window and stained-glass windows — one of the components of indoor comfort. City Cleaning offers  windows washing at affordable price.

Many people prefer to cope on their own with such a simple, at first glance, case as cleaning of glass surfaces. However, the amateur can’t perform all the work that our employees will do.

Windows washing include:

  • cleaning of abutment pieces, sills and plastic windows;
  • removing of the traces of sealant from stained-glass windows;
  • cleaning of window fittings using wet cleaning and specialized vacuum cleaner in residential and office buildings;
  • cleaning of glass surfaces and frames from conventional external contamination;
  • to clean the stained-glass windows from the outside in remote places we have industrial climbers. They carry out cleaning of  surfaces using cleaning agents that gently clean the glass and windows;
  • the usage of special brushes, scrapers, detergents for strong pollution removing. Also we dry glasses and make the surface shine.

How much does windows washing in Moscow cost?

The cost depends on the number of services that are needed for the particular object. Our staff can also apply a protective layer on the glass, clean the cornices, blinds. Additional services will affect the final price.

Cleaning of the standard plastic glass costs our customers 400 rubles. Cleaning of non-standard window constructions is more expensive. Services of washing windows of the old types, the so-called «stalinist» windows cost from 500 rubles. Cleaning of large surfaces such as windows or balconies, is calculated on the basis of their number.

Detailed price list for services of  windows washing can be found in the «Prices» section. You can also use the calculator for calculating the cost of work.

Window cleaning services in Moscow: the advantages

We can clean all types of objects, of the different designs and sizes, with plastic, metal or wood frames. Company have experience in working with special cleaning agents and able to cope with the pollution of any complexity.  Windows washing — is one of the most popular seasonal activities. We are happy to provide this service and bring cleanness to your home.

WINDOWS WASHING (at least 3,500 rubles) (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 200 sq.m. up to 1,500 sq.m. over 1,500 sq.m.
Cleaning of external glazing 65 55 45
Cleaning of internal glazing 55 50 45
Flushing external glazing using the Alp-hangers 85 75 65

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Does the 'window washing' include cleaning of slopes?

Ask an expert

Fine dress helps to impress…

Washing glass, stone, tiled, metal facades…

City Cleaning is one of the leaders in the field of  facades cleaning. City Cleaning has its own team of industrial climbers. In a very short time (even on the same day) we can begin the facades cleaning of any complexity. Specialists in facades washing will pay you a visit in Moscow and in the Moscow region within an hour!
For large companies, investors, owners of buildings and structures the image — is the most important aspect. Of course, the vast majority of entrepreneurs want to make the best impression, so the popularity of services for washing the facades of buildings is growing steadily.
Among the cleaning services in the Russian market of facades washing, washing of walls has a special place. It is no secret that the management companies in Moscow are obliged to maintain buildings properly. This requirement is not for investors only, but also for the city authorities.
Washing is done by industrial climbers or teams working with aerial platforms. In any case — in these works we rely on the help of professionals, also having your own service of facades cleaners in Moscow is extremely expensive. Facades need to be cleaned at least twice a year — before the winter and the end of the winter. Typically, in April and in September. Cleaning companies plan their work for the entire warm season, starting in December. Managers of City Cleaning make cleaning schedule according to previous orders and wishes for the coming year.
Cleaning company Cleaning CITY — leader in cleaning of any building facades!
Washing of building facades  — is just one of many services that the company «City Cleaning» offers to its customers. The company’s specialists have great skills, ensuring the best results in the shortest possible time. Usually washing of the facades is included in the full-scale cleaning of an enterprise when planning the outdoor cleaning. There are also situations when facades washing  is necessary after cosmetic or major renovations — for example, after moving to the new office building. In any case, the employees of City Cleaning are the best performers on the market. Also we have rather affordable prices. The calculation is always done individually, taking into account the budget and other features.
You can check the full price list containing all prices on our site. If you require individual calculation of the full-scale cleaning, you can use a calculator or contact our operators. Call us and we’ll help you!

FACADES WASHING BY EXPERIENCED CLIMBERS (Prices are in rubles per 1 sq.m.)
up to 200 sq.m.             up to 1,500 sq.m.  over 1,500 sq.m. 
75 RUB  65 RUB 55 RUB

Industrial climbing in the city

Today the city is more peculiar to grow not only wider but higher: the modern city is impossible to imagine without the residential skyscrapers and towers of business centers. Residents of any city need to not only to keep the streets clean, but take care of the house exteriors as well! That is why in major Russian cities industrial alpinism is becoming more and more popular.

As you know, industrial climbing is demanded in Moscow throughout the year: in spring the tasks of specialists of this sphere include cleaning and washing of facades, windows and ventilation outlets; in summer their services is demanded when required any repairs associated with the facade of the building and painting of metal structures. In winter the prices for the services of industrial climbing are particularly important for businessmen and enterprises, because the roofs of buildings should be cleaned from snow, ice and icicles, without any damage to the appearance of the building,  and also without violation of the pedestrians safety.

Industrial climbing in Moscow

City Cleaning offers a variety of services including industrial alpinism in the Moscow region. This proposal is implemented in a complex of other works of cleaning of industrial and office buildings and premises — City Cleaning represents the entire range of services for cleaning.

What is industrial climbing and what is included in it?

This is the combination of love to conquer the heights and the most pragmatic work — cleaning of upper floors of retail and office centers, roofs, etc. This trend in the cleaning  market is increasingly developing as the city becomes a metropolis and modernizes, increasing the number of industrial buildings, which also need to be cleaned. Climbing with pragmatic industrial objectives include:

  • cleaning and washing of facades, windows, ventilation and chimneys,
  • repair work at a considerable height,
  • cleaning of roofs from snow, ice, icicles etc.

Order these services from City Cleaning using contact information provided in «Contacts» section of our website. There is also a price list for our services. Call us, write us an e-mail or visit our office. Our sales representatives will be glad to help you.