After construction cleaning

Almost every person in his life faced the consequences of domestic renovations: dust, dirt, construction materials and packaging … Even those lucky people who didn’t spend their time cleaning the premises after the construction or decoration, somehow became unwilling witnesses of such events. And when it comes to construction of a new office building or an industrial center, the «consequences» are ten times bigger, as the scope of the construction is much wider .

In such cases, after all the work is complete, a full-scale cleaning is carried out. In the face of the construction boom after construction cleaning services is becoming more and more popular. Of course, such work can be entrusted only to professionals, or cleaning would be just pointless, because low-skilled workers can make even more dust and disorder.

After construction cleaning of premises by City Cleaning

Cleanness and order in workrooms — is the key to efficient workflow. City Cleaning employees  are guided by this slogan for many years. Such an attitude to our work made our company a market leader. Whether it’s cleaning of building facades, care of outdoor areas or after construction cleaning, the cost of services is secondary for our employees — all of them in the first place aiming for unsurpassed results.

After construction cleaning of premises  — is not an easy task for any cleaning agency, but our specialists cope with any pollution without any difficulties, making rooms and halls shine. There are situations when one part of the building is still under renovation, and in the other cleaning is going on. In such situations, our employees reliably isolate the areas from external contamination.

City Cleaning — is your best choice in any situation. Our staff is well trained, experienced and has the latest equipment; among the company’s customers there are large offices, retail and industrial centers. After construction cleaning of premises  — is only one of wide range of services that City Cleaning offers to its customers. Prices for after construction cleaning are quite affordable, especially if we take into account the attitude of employees to their work and consistent results, confirmed by dozens of major clients. Call us and our operators will help you to choose exactly the services that you  want!

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One-time complex after construction cleaning  (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m. up to 1500 sq.m. over 1500 sq.m.
150 RUB 120 RUB 100 RUB


Cleaning of the premises is just half of the battle! What about cleaning and disinfection of the premises? What products do you use for disinfection?

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