Fitness centers cleaning!

When it comes to common areas, showers, swimming pools — there are no little things for cleaning! Customers pay for the health! Only professional cleaning will help to keep it!

Currently, fitness has become synonym for a healthy lifestyle, people are engaging in sports activities to gain a slim figure, normalize the functioning of vital organs, tighten muscles. However, what kind of health and its strengthening can be discussed if in the fitness center we see the dirty training room. It is worth remembering that according to SanPin the number of requirements for cleaning of fitness centers are no less than for health care organizations, and sometimes are higher. Sure, only healthy people visit fitness centers, but from close contact with a humid conditions and dust, particularly in the water area, customers can get impartial diseases. Thus, the role of CITY Cleaning  in fitness centers  is hard to underestimate.

Cleaning company City Cleaning offers a service of fitness centers cleaning, performed at a high level, in compliance with all statutory requirements and SanPin reguirements. Of course, the owner decides on their own — ask for cleaning services of City Cleaning or to tidy up on their own. As the proverb says: a miser pays twice! Entrusting cleaning services to non-professionals, you risk losing customers, in addition, you’ll have to purchase special equipment, cleaning agents and train the staff. Contacting CITY cleaming will deliver solutions to many of the pressing problems.

We also have some additional services:

  • Wet cleaning. Carried out daily with the use of disinfectants, special attention is paid to the shower room, exercise equipment, bathrooms, floors, especially in the water zone. Once a week a full-scale cleaning is performed by the experts of City Cleaning, includes cleaning of all structures, windows, mirrors etc.
  • Disinfection. Daily disinfection of public spaces is processed with special chemicals
  • Providing hygiene chemicals.

Features of the fitness centers cleaning

This service is quite specific: a large number of premises, high flow of visitors, the use of materials, requiring gentle cleaning, so the work can be handled only by  trained professionals.

The  difficulty in cleaning a gym is that training is taking place all the time while the area to be cleaned is quite large. Staff are required to perform an interim cleaning and ventilate the area. In many gyms the floor is covered with carpet that needs to be vacuumed every day and cleaned when dirty. In the shower cleaning is carried out several times a day, and in the toilets — once an hour, with the replacement of garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels.

Will your staff cope with such work at the proper level? The company City Cleaning offers you services so you will not ask such questions, and you’ll work for the benefit of human health. Cleanliness — is our concern.

Stationary (regular) cleaning (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m. up to 1500 sq.m. over 4000 sq.m.
70 RUB 60 RUB  50 RUB
One-night FULL-Scale CLEANING SERVICES (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m. up to 600 sq.m. over 600 sq.m.
120 RUB 110 RUB  100 RUB


How many people needed for daily cleaning of the fitness center 3000 sq.m. with a swimming pool?

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