Upholstery cleaning

Today it is difficult to imagine the reception office or apartment without upholstered furniture, which is designed to create comfort and a special atmosphere and image. Unfortunately, furniture gets polluted, accumulates dust, which may adversely affect the appearance of the objects, and the health of those who use them. Cleaning CITY will solve the problem quickly and easily. Company professionals will clean home furniture using professional vacuum cleaners and chemicals which can remove any pollution and stain, and wont affect neither family members nor pets.

Dry Cleaning is carried out taking into account the features of the product, the nature of pollution and its age. Employees will not spoil things by unsuitable chemicals or improper handling. We track the emergence of new cleaning methods and use them. Work carried out in strict accordance with the technological requirements. Every detail is taken into account: from the temperature to the selection of cleaning products.

Specialists clean furniture at home, not exporting it out of the apartment, at a convenient time for the customer, thus cleaning of the sofa does not take much time and does not require additional financial costs.

Dry cleaning of the furniture  at home by our specialists consists of the following stages:

  • Upholstery cleaning and vacuum cleaning, with special nozzles.
  • Elimination of spots and stains from the upholstery (especially carefully cleaning of the leather furniture).
  • Deep cleaning of the upholstery, the purpose of which is to remove odors.
  • Polishing of wooden surfaces.
  • Chemicals removal, upholstery washing and drying .

Specialized equipment is used to dry the lower cushions. In addition to this special technology used for upholstery cleaning with teflon coating that has stain-resistant properties. Each villus is covered with a molecular net, which is breathable, but does not absorb moisture and dirt.

When cleaning sofas and armchairs extractors and steam generators are used, and we clean tight spaces manually.

We use complex approach:

  • We use a professional stain removers.
  • To eliminate odor we apply deodorizing.
  • To restore the color of the upholstery we use a special shampoo with a special chemical composition.