A good cleaning company is proud to work with well-known brands: major management companies, commercial and business centers. We are not an exception. CITY CLEANING is already trusted by hundreds of clients including major shopping centers (Capitol, April, Orion, Airbus), office centers (Moscow City — Towers: Federation, St. Petersburg), clubs (Republica), public and unitary organizations (Rosatom, Sberbank, more than five dozens of educational institutions in Moscow and in the Moscow region).

I’d like to check in detail the last one. Specifically for Moscow educational institutions we developed a discount program with the common name «Noon recess».
This offer is already used by more than 50 Moscow educational institutions! Feature of our approach — we do not care with whom we work — with a huge organization with a worldwide reputation, or with one-bedroom apartment in Moscow. The quality of  Cleaning CITY services is invariably high!

Often, before participating in tenders, we are asked for letters of recommendation. Managers of CITY Cleaning  sends the documents with a pleasure, we are proud of it! Our long-term clients are our pride!

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