Dry cleaning of carpets

After some time spots and dirt can apprear on the carpet, with which the conventional vacuum cleaner can not cope. Therefore, you must periodically clean the carpet using special equipment and chemicals.

City Cleaning offer the following services:

  • Daily cleaning of carpets at home with the use of vertical brush cleaner, without chemicals.
  • Dry cleaning using powder. The carpet can be used immediately after the completion of works.
  • Wet cleaning of carpets at home includes:
    • Removal of local spots using stain remover;
    • Foam cleaning of the carpet at home using a rotary machine;
    • Removal of burn-through traces by carpet reconstructing;
    • Pile lifting by vacuum cleaner.

Wet carpet cleaning should be carried out regularly, as the dust, located into the base of piles, creates a favorable environment for the emergence of mildew and parasites.
City Cleaning in each case has different approach to customers: the employee determines the structure of the coating and the material from which it is made, the nature of existing pollution, the presence of stains and in accordance with that selects the desired program and cleaning detergents. To preserve the initial cleanness antistatic coating is applied!

CARPET CLEANING (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m.  up to 600 sq.m  over 600 sq.m 
250 RUB  225 RUB 200 RUB
up to 300 sq.m.  up to 600 sq.m.  over 600 sq.m. 
 220 RUB 150 RUB 120 RUB