We use only professional equipment

High performance vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning for large areas CLEANFIX S 20
The main feature of this vacuum cleaner — is a practical ergonomic design and a powerful vacuum pump. It is made of impact-resistant plastic and is based on 5 rollers, which makes it very maneuverable and stable in operation on uneven surfaces.
Standard equipment allows you to work on different surfaces and in tight spaces. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an additional jack for turbo-electric brushes.

Rotary machine CLEANFIX R43-175
Rotary machine for the hard floors. Brush Speed 175 rpm. The machine is designed for use at high loads. Optimal for carpet cleaning and re-polishing.

Extraction machine CLEANFIX TW 300 S
Designed for the care and cleaning of piled coating. Made by CLEANFIX (Switzerland). Maximum quality liquid injection and suction power of this machine make it an indispensable tool in the field of cleaning. Ideal for work in the medium areas, as well as for dry-cleaning of car interiors. Convenient for  transfer to and on the object.

Trolley for 2 buckets
Trolley for 2 buckets 15/25 l, foldable, chromed

Handle for squeegee
Swivel handle for squeegee


In the online calculator for cleaning services you must take into account the complexity of the work. For example, I need the cost of window cleaning at a height of 12 meters. My house located outside of Moscow, in the suburb. I need a washing of not only windows, but also of stained-glass windows. Can you make it also?

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