Full-scale cleaning

City Cleaning provides a wide range of cleaning services. We are ready to carry out full-scale cleaning, to restore order in your country house, cottage, townhouse, office at an affordable price.

Full-scale cleaning of house or townhouse consists of several stages, each is important and has its own characteristics:

  • Kitchen. Full-scal cleaning of the cottage, or any other premises starts with the most complex and usually most polluted place in the house. Firstly, we should thoroughly clean walls, then the ceiling. Particular attention is paid to heating radiators and ventilation;
  • WC. Full-scale  cleaning of the house involves cleaning of tiled surfaces in the bathroom and toilet with the help of special tools. Toilets, bathtubs, sinks are cleaned and processed by disinfectant;
  • Carpets and fitted carpets. Full-scale cleaning of the cottage or  house couldn’t be done without a mandatory cleaning of carpets. In order to achieve the result the detergent is used, and then we clean it from chemicals, and dry it. Upon request, our staff can put protective layer on carpeting that protects them from rapid wear;
  • Furniture. Full-scale cleaning of the house also includes  furniture care. We use high-quality special cleaning chemicals. Our employees select a specific composition for each type of furniture;
  • Windows and stained-glass windows washing. The final stage of a full-scale cleaning of the house is cleaning of glass surfaces, frames, slopes, both inside and outside.

How much does a full-scale cleaning of the house, cottage or office costs?

The total amount depends on the size of the object. As a general rule, an individual calculation by our manager who visits object is required. The price also includes the wages of our employees, the cost of cleaning agents and cleaning equipment depreciation. You can also calculate the cost of full-scale cleaning,  using a calculator on our website.

up to 300 sq.m. up to 600 sq.m. over 600 sq.m.
Office space 130 120 110
Shopping centers Only individual calculation
Fitness centers Only individual calculation
Production area Only individual calculation
Warehouses Only individual calculation
After construction cleaning
Cleaning at the same day — 30% extra

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