Granite grinding and polishing

Natural materials today become more and more popular. This is understandable, as all ot them have a more representative view but it needs proper care to keep it as such.

First example is granite, which, despite its excellent properties and excellent resistance to mechanical stress, sooner or later begins to fade. It is worth noting that over time, the outer surface of the stone begins to cover with a network of small cracks and microcracks. The main materials that destroy the stone are natural abrasives (sand, water etc.). If we do nothing and do not care about granite, its appearance will become very different from the initial.

Today CITY Cleaning offers its customers a granite grinding and polishing  using the latest technologies with modern materials and equipment. Each step of restoring the appearance of granite has its own characteristics:

  • Grinding. At this stage it is machining with special abrasives. After that the stone has a tangible roughness, but it is perfectly smooth. Depth of the grinding layer can be determined only by professionals who have experience with this material.
  • Polishing. There are special tools that do not adversely affect the structure of the material. When the process is finished, the surface shine again with new vigor.

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