Marble grinding and polishing

Marble — is a very fragile material that requires special care. Unprofessional cleaning — is the risk of «ruining» of the material, and the subsequent need to replace the floor completely.
The use of abrasive tools may cause scratches on the surface which will be clogged with dirt, that will destroy the integrity of the material. City Cleaning provides basic types of work marble care:

  • Grinding. It is performed by special grind abrasives, by which chips and scratches are eliminated from the floor surface.
  • Polishing with fine diamond abrasives, followed by applying a special tool gives shine to the marble surface.
  • Crystallization, ie thermochemical treatment of stone by composition containing acids. After this procedure, small cracks and scratches on the surface disappear, and stone structure becomes smoother.

In addition, we offer services for maintenance and care of marble coverings and goods made of marble.