Complex cleaning of premises!

Research and statistics prove that good health and human performance depends on many factors, including the microclimate. The company City Cleaning provides an opportunity to build cleanness at your home or in the office.

Qualitative complex cleaning of apartments, houses, rooms domestic purposes is only possible with the use of new technologies, special tools and cleaning equipment. But who has all the necessary materials and skills? Of course the professionals working in the City Cleaning!

According to the signed agreement, we can carry out daily cleaning at the designated time with the use of specialized cleaning products, antistatic, hygroscopic, cloth wipes, containing granules, providing perfect cleanness. We can also DO this cleaning on a one-time basis or in regular intervals, such as once a year, a quarter, or month.

Our services include:

  • Floor cleaning.
  • Wet cleaning of any available surface (window sills, furniture, doors, lighting, heating radiators etc.)
  • Removing any dust from surfaces.
  • Disinfection of sanitary equipment, coupled with toilets and bathrooms cleaning .

Contacting our company is profitable for everyone: you get pristine cleanness and save money, and we are doing our favorite job, having fun.

Stationary (regular) cleaning (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m. up to 1500 sq.m. over 4000 sq.m.
 80 RUB 70 RUB 60 RUB
One-night FULL-Scale CLEANING SERVICES (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 300 sq.m. up to 600 sq.m. over 600 sq.m.
 100 RUB 85 RUB  80 RUB


Cleaning of the premises is just half of the battle! What about cleaning and disinfection of the premises? What products do you use for disinfection?

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