Industrial climbing in the city

Today the city is more peculiar to grow not only wider but higher: the modern city is impossible to imagine without the residential skyscrapers and towers of business centers. Residents of any city need to not only to keep the streets clean, but take care of the house exteriors as well! That is why in major Russian cities industrial alpinism is becoming more and more popular.

As you know, industrial climbing is demanded in Moscow throughout the year: in spring the tasks of specialists of this sphere include cleaning and washing of facades, windows and ventilation outlets; in summer their services is demanded when required any repairs associated with the facade of the building and painting of metal structures. In winter the prices for the services of industrial climbing are particularly important for businessmen and enterprises, because the roofs of buildings should be cleaned from snow, ice and icicles, without any damage to the appearance of the building,  and also without violation of the pedestrians safety.

Industrial climbing in Moscow

City Cleaning offers a variety of services including industrial alpinism in the Moscow region. This proposal is implemented in a complex of other works of cleaning of industrial and office buildings and premises — City Cleaning represents the entire range of services for cleaning.

What is industrial climbing and what is included in it?

This is the combination of love to conquer the heights and the most pragmatic work — cleaning of upper floors of retail and office centers, roofs, etc. This trend in the cleaning  market is increasingly developing as the city becomes a metropolis and modernizes, increasing the number of industrial buildings, which also need to be cleaned. Climbing with pragmatic industrial objectives include:

  • cleaning and washing of facades, windows, ventilation and chimneys,
  • repair work at a considerable height,
  • cleaning of roofs from snow, ice, icicles etc.

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