Outdoor cleaning

Concern for the cleannes says a lot about the man and the company. After all, clean and sparkling facade combined with a landscaped space builds trusting relationship, it is just a part of human psychology. Specialists of City Cleaning are experienced not only in similar activities, but also have an impressive arsenal of equipment.

Before starting our work we carefully study the characteristics of each object that allows to choose the most effective technique in each case. This means that the result will be appropriate. Contact us and order outdoor cleaning, and you will be assured that the work will be done precisely on schedule and at a high level. We provide such services as:

  • Cleaning of the sidewalks and driveway.
  • Gerbage removal.
  • Lawns mowing.
  • Caring for all the greenery.

For us, the desire of the client is always a priority, because we love our work and always do it with pleasure.

Besides the cleaning staff of City Cleaning always ready to carry out professional facades cleaning. The company’s staff is ready to proceed to remove different types of pollution:

  • Mineral contamination — rust, various plaque, patina and pyrolusite, efflorescence, streaks, agglomeration, etc.
  • Organic pollution — a moss, lichen, alga, soot, mildew, everything, that contributes to the further retention of dust and its subsequent layering.

There are many methods of cleaning to reach the desired result, but it is important not to harm the existing coating. Thanks to the expertise of our specialists we choose wisely all the detergents and equipment.

For a complete victory over the mud we perform deep cleaning of facades with subsequent water repellent (spraying a protective layer to prevent further damage). We are waiting for you and always glad to have long-term cooperation!