Snow removal

Snow and ice accumulated over the winter become quite an important issue. This not only make it difficult to move on the roadway and sidewalks, but also represent a risk of injury. City Cleaning is ready to offer its services for snow and ice removal. We have the equipment that is neccessary for performing of this kind of work.

Collection of snow can be carried out mechanically and manually, but the loading occurs with special equipment (backhoe loader). In general, removal is carried out by dump trucks with large enough capacities (up to 11 cubic meters). Removed snow is transported to special melting stations in Moscow. It enters the chamber and becomes a subject to a primary waste filtering from side garbage, which will be sent later to special landfills for disposal. Melted snow is also filtered and only then enters the sewage.

Contacting City Cleaning you can be sure that the cleaning crew will arrive in time. Work will be carried out as soon as possible. We are always ready for long-term cooperation.

The price for our services may be different because it depends on several factors. For each particular case, you can get all the necessary information from consultants by phone or via e-mail