CITY Cleaning  team- Army of professionals

Success of cleaning business depends largely on recruiting the qualified staff. The company City Cleaning can be proud for the services and staff! Due to the strict selection and correct motivation, here gathered professionals of the highest class.

Managers are friendly and attentive. To each object attached two managers: one carries the remote control out of the office, the second — «at the forefront», directly on the site, side by side with operators and face to face with the superviser from the customer’s side.

Operators (they are also called cleaners) — are neat, invisible and know their work very well. We do not use illegal workforce! All operators have work permits and attend weekly briefing, as well as, if necessary, trainings on innovations of cleaning market.

We are often asked questions about our staff, so we will try to answer the main ones:

Are they professionals?
All our employees are professionals, it’s not profitable for us to redo the work several times

Are they Russians?

We do not choose staff on a national basis. Belarusian or Ukrainian has same hands and feet like the Russians! Everyone can become our operator if he has work permit and proper level of qualification, neatness, and most importantly — the desire to be helpful! Nevertheless, the company employs mainly operators of Slavic appearance. But anyway, we value the reputation and respect the law, so we don’t use illegal workforce!

Who cleans better: man or woman?
Each operator has his or her pluses — a job that he or she does quicker and with greater zeal than others. And we have the blameless quality of work, as you know.