I want to share impressions of cooperation with City cleaning. In this company we regularly order the cleaning services for our office. We are very satisfied with the work. Firstly, all the work is done on time, and secondly, everything is done accurately. Workers use special detergents and equipment, which, of course, gives an excellent results. In addition to the quality of work in this company there are really low prices.
We ordered after renovation cleaning from City Cleaning. At first we thought that we can handle by ourselves , but then assess our capabilities and the scope of work, and decided to invite specialists. Everything was done very quickly and efficiently. Masters use modern technologies, which, of course, gives them an opportunity to clear the space more effectively. For example, we could not get rid of frozen lime spots on the glass. City Cleaning cope with them in a stroke.
We have ordered full-scale cleaning from City Cleaning in our apartment just before my mother’s birthday. We decided to seek the services of specialists, because we understood that only specialists will handle the job as soon as possible. Master arrived on time, and  have done the job perfectly. Apartment breathed with cleanness and freshness. In addition, the cost of services in this company is quite acceptable.
Periodically order from City Cleaning carpets and upholstery cleaning in my apartment. Normal company, I’m satisfied with the quality of services. Work quickly, that was very comfortable for me, because I do not like being in the apartment when the cleaning is on. I have no complaints — all purely qualitative, without a any problems. I think to order full-scale cleaning from City Cleaning. They have reasonable prices, not higher than in other companies.

Sergey Drozdov Director of GBOU(State budget educational institution) learning center №429 «Sokolinaya gora» (Moscow)

Evgeniya Mironova and Alexander Sterlikov Head of Procurement and Managing Director of beauty salons DESSANGE, CAMILLE ALBANE.

Irina Bazanenkova assistant general director of «Euro Trust» company