Fine dress helps to impress…

Washing glass, stone, tiled, metal facades…

City Cleaning is one of the leaders in the field of  facades cleaning. City Cleaning has its own team of industrial climbers. In a very short time (even on the same day) we can begin the facades cleaning of any complexity. Specialists in facades washing will pay you a visit in Moscow and in the Moscow region within an hour!
For large companies, investors, owners of buildings and structures the image — is the most important aspect. Of course, the vast majority of entrepreneurs want to make the best impression, so the popularity of services for washing the facades of buildings is growing steadily.
Among the cleaning services in the Russian market of facades washing, washing of walls has a special place. It is no secret that the management companies in Moscow are obliged to maintain buildings properly. This requirement is not for investors only, but also for the city authorities.
Washing is done by industrial climbers or teams working with aerial platforms. In any case — in these works we rely on the help of professionals, also having your own service of facades cleaners in Moscow is extremely expensive. Facades need to be cleaned at least twice a year — before the winter and the end of the winter. Typically, in April and in September. Cleaning companies plan their work for the entire warm season, starting in December. Managers of City Cleaning make cleaning schedule according to previous orders and wishes for the coming year.
Cleaning company Cleaning CITY — leader in cleaning of any building facades!
Washing of building facades  — is just one of many services that the company «City Cleaning» offers to its customers. The company’s specialists have great skills, ensuring the best results in the shortest possible time. Usually washing of the facades is included in the full-scale cleaning of an enterprise when planning the outdoor cleaning. There are also situations when facades washing  is necessary after cosmetic or major renovations — for example, after moving to the new office building. In any case, the employees of City Cleaning are the best performers on the market. Also we have rather affordable prices. The calculation is always done individually, taking into account the budget and other features.
You can check the full price list containing all prices on our site. If you require individual calculation of the full-scale cleaning, you can use a calculator or contact our operators. Call us and we’ll help you!

FACADES WASHING BY EXPERIENCED CLIMBERS (Prices are in rubles per 1 sq.m.)
up to 200 sq.m.             up to 1,500 sq.m.  over 1,500 sq.m. 
75 RUB  65 RUB 55 RUB