Shop windows washing by City Cleaning experts

Shop reputation depends also on housekeeping of trading places. City Cleaning provides a wide range of cleaning services, including shop windows washing.

If you want to forget about the problems of any stains on glass surfaces, ask for help from our experts.

  • In order to achieve the cleanness we use only the modern equipment and professional cleaning agents.
  • Windows cleaning on your own can provide short-term results. Experienced employees of our company will impose order in your trading areas. Surfaces will remain shiny and clean for a long time.
  • The belief that washing of shop windows is seasonal is wrong. City Cleaning can clean glass surfaces even in the winter season. With the help of specialized equipment, we provide frames cleaning. Thanks to the technology of using steam under pressure, we are capable of getting rid of pollution of any complexity.
  • For windows washing experts select appropriate cleaning agents.

The cost of our services

Price is made up of several parameters: employees wages, the cost of consumables and detergents, the company’s profit. You can check our quotations on shop windows washing in the «Prices» section of our site. Use our calculator to quickly calculate the amount that will be needed to pay for the services of shop windows cleaning.

Cleanness — is a formula of successive shop image

Appearance of salesrooms affects the perception of the products offered by the client. If you have time to carry out shop windows washing, and they look perfect, visitors feel good. This, in turn, causes more confidence.

Become our client! We will be agree in advance the working schedule and the frequency of work. City Cleaning — the cleanness from the professionals!

SHOP WINDOWS WASHING (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 200 sq.m. up to 1500 sq.m. over 1500 sq.m.
55 RUB 50 RUB  45 RUB