Professional windows washing

Clean window and stained-glass windows — one of the components of indoor comfort. City Cleaning offers  windows washing at affordable price.

Many people prefer to cope on their own with such a simple, at first glance, case as cleaning of glass surfaces. However, the amateur can’t perform all the work that our employees will do.

Windows washing include:

  • cleaning of abutment pieces, sills and plastic windows;
  • removing of the traces of sealant from stained-glass windows;
  • cleaning of window fittings using wet cleaning and specialized vacuum cleaner in residential and office buildings;
  • cleaning of glass surfaces and frames from conventional external contamination;
  • to clean the stained-glass windows from the outside in remote places we have industrial climbers. They carry out cleaning of  surfaces using cleaning agents that gently clean the glass and windows;
  • the usage of special brushes, scrapers, detergents for strong pollution removing. Also we dry glasses and make the surface shine.

How much does windows washing in Moscow cost?

The cost depends on the number of services that are needed for the particular object. Our staff can also apply a protective layer on the glass, clean the cornices, blinds. Additional services will affect the final price.

Cleaning of the standard plastic glass costs our customers 400 rubles. Cleaning of non-standard window constructions is more expensive. Services of washing windows of the old types, the so-called «stalinist» windows cost from 500 rubles. Cleaning of large surfaces such as windows or balconies, is calculated on the basis of their number.

Detailed price list for services of  windows washing can be found in the «Prices» section. You can also use the calculator for calculating the cost of work.

Window cleaning services in Moscow: the advantages

We can clean all types of objects, of the different designs and sizes, with plastic, metal or wood frames. Company have experience in working with special cleaning agents and able to cope with the pollution of any complexity.  Windows washing — is one of the most popular seasonal activities. We are happy to provide this service and bring cleanness to your home.

WINDOWS WASHING (at least 3,500 rubles) (Price per 1 sq.m.)
up to 200 sq.m. up to 1,500 sq.m. over 1,500 sq.m.
Cleaning of external glazing 65 55 45
Cleaning of internal glazing 55 50 45
Flushing external glazing using the Alp-hangers 85 75 65

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